Avangardis, modern solutions for the success of your business

Avangardis, modern solutions for the success of your business

Avangardis is a Romanian startup with a small team, but with very big objectives. As Sir Richard Branson put it, "If your dreams don't scare you, then they're too small.

The Avangardis team believes in innovation, it is built by people who are brave and eager to push their limits. That's why Avangardis accepts any challenge and aims to pleasantly amaze the customers. Because the best customers are the happy customers.

With SAAS applications and hardware solutions, Avangardis has become a complex and complete vendor for every type of customer, from small to medium and large businesses.

Avangardis offers customers software and hardware solutions that allow them to take their business to the highest peaks of success. Because the solutions offered by the Avangardis team are built around customer needs!

International affiliations:
For faster and more efficient development, but also to meet a wide range of customer needs, Avangardis has partnered with Thales, Microsoft, Bitdefender and Acronis to successfully address data security in the accelerated process of digital business transformation. in the local and international market.
Avangardis solutions are designed to help customers achieve their goals digitally, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately increase income.

Future plans
Avangardis aims for global coverage in a short time. It has the perfect team, the necessary skills, but also a portfolio with great results. "We intend to expand our company's business by bringing innovative hardware and software solutions with flagship products at competitive prices. We are determined to turn the current challenges of the market into opportunities”, says Gabriel Merlușcă, CEO of Avangardis.

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