We provide the best Audio Video Access Solutions

From the top system integrators, we have selected the right partners to successfully deploy even the most complex projects.

Our Audio-Video Solutions

Presentation systems, conferencing / telepresence systems, digital media distribution systems and SMART display boards.

Our highly secure and versatile conference systems fit any type of business. Be it a meeting small or big, a training, internal communications or anything else along those lines we provide audio, video, presentations and more for anything you might require.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are designed to increase security and create multilevel controlled access. It can recognize, authenticate and authorizes entry of a person into the premise by one or multiple controlled elements such as Tokens, Fingerprint, Iris Scan, Facial Recognition. You decide the security level you want, as we can provide them all.

Surveilance and Monitoring Systems

Enhanced security can’t go without surveillance and monitoring systems, so we provide complex solutions based on artificial intelligence which is able to identify personnel by facial recognition, to send movement alerts determined by infrared human silhouette distinction and other special features.