We identify ourselves as a team
of complex and comprehensive IT solutions providers.

Gabriel Merlusca CEO Gabriel has more than 10 years of experience as founder and CEO, over 15 years in acting as representative of large enterprise with worldwide presence, a BSc in International Economics. He is driven by vision and passion for innovation, results oriented and willing to accept any challenge. Linkedin
Claudia Udeanu Administrator Claudia has an educational background especially in the economics. She coordinated economic departments and the operational activity in companies acting in media (Prima TV) and environment sectors. Specialized in "Valuation of commercial companies”, she brings added value to ours. Linkedin
Cosmin Pana CFO Cosmin is a finance professional with 15 years of progressive experience in global financial markets. He has a track record in treasury department for banks, Vodafone, and British American Tobacco, with multi billion yearly trades and hands-on experience on the most exotic financial markets in the world. Linkedin
Robert Topala CTO Robert has 7 years in the IT industry. He held different roles such as System Admin, Full Stack Developer, etc. Passionate of technology, constantly oriented to studying and with a great ability of evolving, he took the challenge of creating a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. Linkedin
Ionut Ciocoiu Full Stack Dev Holding a master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Ionut has been part of many successful FinTech, BizTech, Retail Analytics projects as a Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer for developing innovative NLU mechanism. He is a creative, passionate and highly knowledgeable asset for the team. Linkedin
Andreea Oprea CHRO Andreea has more than 16 years of experience in the HR field, over 10 years acting as manager. She likes working with people and understands that success is based on team effort. Therefore, responsibility, trust, empathy, and commitment, are the values she promotes among her colleagues. Linkedin